The dances

Genre: Tango Argentino

Genre: Salsa

  Tango Argentino:
developed by poor immigrant in Buenos Aires, who longed for their home countries in Europe. From the slums rose to the salons of society, thru poets, musicians and artists further developped upto newage transformations like electro tango - Tango is World Culturall Heritage
 Tango Milongero,  Tango de Salon, Tango Cayenge, Color Tango,   Neo Tango

developed from different Siles from Cuba, Puerto Rico, New York and others is "Salsa" a sauce, meaning a mixture. Famous thru Orchestras and Jazzmusician from Puerto Rico, Kuba and New York.

  Styles:  Salsa auf 1, 2 (Power 2, New York 2 0 Eddie   Torres or modern Mambo, Puerto Rican 2 & Clave, und Rueda de Casino - Cali Style and Columbian Style

a fast predecor of Tango Argentino with african influences. 

came via Havana, Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republique. With a lot of hip motions and turn patterns today. 

   a crossover from tango and vals from french musette vals.

  took the same Way like Merengue and is usually danced close with hip movements and Chassé steps.
Styles: Bachata from Dominiqan Republik, modern Bachata, new fusions with hip etc.
modern, sexy or sensual Bachata with elements from Tango Argentino Fusion with Tango Argentino.

  argentinien folklorical dance. Easy and quick to learn - no knowledge or dance shoes necessary also danced on street and is played in some Milonga/Práctica from time to time.

Rueda de Casino:
  born in Cuba, 'Rueda' means wheel. It could be described as way of Square Dance in Salsa with a caller. Stiles from Cuba (Casino), Miami and New York.


Dance from Angola, danced in close position and contains a lot of Tango Technique, wiht hip movements from the lady. Influenced by Angolan Semba ( a predecesor to Samba in Brasil) and Zouk from the french caribean islands. 


Saltango - Fusion from Salsa and Tango Argentino


Fusion aus Salsa und Tango Argentino:
Tango Argentino elements dance to Salsa music - often to modern salsa musik or to fused tango music modern beats. Often very elegant - with dance figures from neotango. Less popular in Buenos Aires - rather seen outside of Argentina like Europe, Asia, USA etc)